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DekTek Tile Color Chart: Clay

Pictures of DekTek Tiles can vary drastically in different lighting. There can be a night and day difference in the color appearance of the DekTek concrete pavers depending on whether they are taken in sunlight or shade. This is why we highly suggest samples are purchased, to ensure your satisfaction with the color selection you’ve chosen.

Samples are only representative of some of the color variances within each DekTek color option. For example, the Tuscan Medley tiles because of their unique coloring process, they can have more than 40 color variations. The standard DekTek Tile color selections will have up to 14 different slight color variations. A tile sample/s only represents some of the variations.

When a sample is purchased, you will get the general representation of the color selection ordered but keep in mind the samples you have will not cover every color variance. 

DekTek Tile also offers some custom coloring. Please call 218-380-9330 for pricing and availability.