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DekTek Tile has two installation options for elevated decks. Click on the tabs to learn which method is best for your application.


Sister Joist Installation

Sister Joist Installation Method

DekTek Tile’s sister joist installation method works well on both deck remodels and new construction decks. Read more

Sleeper System Installation

Sleeper System Installation Method

DekTek Tile’s Sleeper System install method is great for new construction decks and for application where the joists are not framed 16”o.c. *Please note 2-1/2” in height is needed from the top of the joists to the bottom of the door ceil.Read more

Steel Framing Installation

Steel Or Aluminum Framing Install Method

If you are looking for a non-combustible deck framing option or would prefer not to use the standard wood deck frame, steel or aluminum framing is an excellent option to use with our concrete deck tiles to build your forever deck.Read more