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Maybe. DekTek Tiles can be installed over your existing deck if the following stipulations are met:


  • Your existing deck must be in good enough shape to install DekTek Tiles over them. If you have a rotting old deck where the wood deck boards are about to give way, it would not work to lay DekTek Tile over your existing deck. DekTek Tiles weigh 11 pounds per square foot so your existing deck needs to be in good enough shape to hold that and would also need to be framed for 11 pounds per square foot. In situations where your deck is structurally sound, you can install DekTek Tiles right over your existing deck.
  • In order to be able to install DekTek Tiles right over your old decking material, height constraints must not be an issue. DekTek Tiles are 1" thick (same thickness as standard decking materials). If you are wanting to set these concrete tiles over your existing deck, you will need 1-1/2" thick clearance to the bottom of the sill minimum, which takes into account DekTek Tiles are slightly crowned in the center of the tiles so water will drain properly, plus it accounts for shimming the tiles up.
  • On applications where a lot of water will not come in: i.e., enclosed three-season porches, covered decks, screened-in decks…this type of situation is best when installing DekTek's Tiles over your existing deck, as it ensures there will not be any water issues later on down the road. In states like Minnesota where they get the full range of weather conditions with rain and snow, it is important that the water be able to drain all the way through your deck. In light of this, we recommend the concrete deck tiles be shimmed up 1/16" to 1/4" to allow the water to drain through your existing deck better.


For decks that are not covered, we feel the best installation process is to remove the existing decking because water could get trapped between existing deck boards and the concrete tile. Ultimately it is up to you and your contractor to make that final decision. If you do wish to proceed installing DekTek Tiles over your existing deck that is not covered and exposed to all of the elements, it may work better to remove a few of your deck boards to maximize the water drainage. Please note DekTek Tile will not be liable for any water issues.


If DekTek Tiles are being installed over existing decking, the edge of the tiles must be set directly over the existing joist. The only exception is if the existing decking is 2" thick, in which case they do not have to be set a specific way. If you have further questions on this matter, please contact us at 218-380-9330 or email: