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Sister Joist Installation Brochure PDF


Framing For DekTek Tile's Concrete Decking:

Step 1. 

Frame joists 16-inches on-center (OC). Add lateral blocking, same width as existing joists, a maximum of 4-feet OC.

Frame the joist 16"o.c. for DekTek Tile's concrete decking

Step 2.  

A)  Add sister joist to each existing joist. If joists are capable of supporting 10.5-pounds per sq. ft. dead load, then a 2x4 sister joist is sufficient. Otherwise, a full-length joist the same size as the existing will need to be added. Either way, deck must be able to support 10.5-pounds per sq. ft. dead load.

B)  Place joist spacers no more than 24 inches apart. Use two 16d galvanized nails or 3.5-inch screws to fasten the sister joist to the spacer and into the existing joist. Add more 16d nails or 3.5-inch screws every 12 inches through the sister joist.

DekTek Tile's Concrete Decking Install - Add Sister Joist to each main joist

Add 1/4 to 1/2 inch joist spacer between the sister joist and the main joist to create a gap for better water drainage.

Two 16d nails or 3.5-inch screws need to be fastened into the sister joist at every spacer location, and a nail or screw every 12-inches.


Step 3.  

Install the edge trim. Borders must be mechanically fastened at the outside edges to lock in the tiles. The most common border options are wood, composite, anodized aluminum or galvanized steel. Border trim against house is optional.

Install the edge trim to permanently lock in the concrete deck tiles

Step 4. 

DekTek Tile must be sealed with a high-quality solvent-based concrete sealer. (See sealing video below.) First, apply on all four sides then the top of tile before permanently installing. Do not seal bottom of tile. See sealing brochure for more information.

Seal DekTek's concrete deck tiles on the top and sides. Do not seal bottom of the tile.



Step 5. 

First layout the tile grid plan for overall tile positioning. When you start setting the tile, be sure to choose varied colors from the order to make sure the colors are mixed nicely.  The tile must have a minimum of 1 inch bearing on each joist.  Please note: Any tile cut to 10 inches or less needs extra support running under the bottom of the tile (i.e. an added 2x4). 

Tile is then set using a high quality exterior polyurethane adhesive directly to wood joists. Apply recommended adhesive (see adhesive brochure) to the joists as you lay your tile. Space tile joints 1/16 to 1/8 inch apart to allow for water drainage and the expansion / contraction of the tile. The joist spacing created in step 2, should be directly below the tile joints, as shown in the close-up, for the best water drainage. Cut tiles where needed. The tiles easily cut with a wet tile saw.

Set the concrete deck tiles so the drainage joints align.

DekTek Tile CAD Drawing

Tile setting skills are highly recommended.

Setting Equipment Needed:

  • Caulk Gun
  • 10" Wet Diamond Saw
  • Chalk Line
  • Tape Measure


For installation questions please call 218-380-9330. Thank you!



DekTek Tiles should be sealed with a high quality concrete sealer on top and all sides before installing. Be careful not to apply sealer to bottom of tile. When sealer is applied to bottom of tile it can break the bond of the adhesive.

Do not use a brush when sealing the surface of DekTek Tiles. It would be okay to use on the sides of the tiles if needed but using a brush on the top of the tile will cause brush marks.



Sealer Brochure PDF

Sealers for DekTek Tile

We recommend using a good solvent-based sealer that is for acid stained or stamped concrete. We do not recommend any specific brand. There are many brands of concrete sealers on the market that are high quality. Please feel free to consult your local concrete expert. One brand that we have used with success is "Gator Seal," made by Alliance.

***Water-based sealers are not recommended because they tend to peel. We also do not recommend using penetrating sealers as our tiles are too dense and it does not protect the tile surface.***


***We recommend rolling on a layer of the sealer before you install the tiles, which allows you to coat the edges of the tile for better protection.***


DekTek Tiles need to be sealed every 3 years, especially in cold climates to protect against freeze thaw and other elements. By sealing your tiles every 3 years, this will give you the maximum longevity out of the product.


Gator Seal Sealers:

These sealers are used for the very first application.

Satin Look Finish - Low Gloss

Wet Look Finish - High Gloss


Re-Sealing Your DekTek Tile Deck:

Gator Seal "Resealer"

Whether you use Satin Look or Wet Look sealer on your first initial sealcoat, it is recommended that you use Alliance's Gator Seal "Resealer" on all future sealcoats.

It is common for some sealers to form a cloudy or foggy look after a period of time. DO NOT BE ALARMED, this is a normal occurrence and it is easily fixed:


Remove Cloudiness

Xylene (or Xylol) – For Solvent-Based Sealer ONLY

Use Xylene (sometimes called xylol), and roll it on just as you would roll on another layer of sealer. We recommend one person rolling it on and having a second person back rolling with a dry roller nap to soak up the excess xylene.

Another option, if two people are not available, is for you to roll on the xylene in a smaller area, and then back roll before the xylene evaporates. This method works well for the brand Gator Seal.

If using a different brand of sealer, please check with the manufacturer to see if this system is approved. You can purchase Xylene from your local paint or hardware store.


Make Your Deck Extra Non-Skid

Here are the simple steps to give your deck a non-skid surface. This is recommended for all decks, especially these applications below:

  • Decks that get snow and winter traffic
  • Decks exposed to a fair amount of water
  • Stairs and Steps
  • Pool Decks
  • Want to take extra precautions


Steps to Give Your Deck a Non-Skid Surface:

  • Add a specially designed sand-grit to the sealer, i.e. "Shark Grip". Use the proper amount recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Stir sealer and sand-grit together until evenly mixed.
  • Apply sand-grit sealer to tile.
  • Keep the sealer agitated so the sand doesn’t settle to the bottom.
  • Enjoy your Non-Skid deck!


*DekTek, Inc. shall have no liability for defects or damage resulting from application of concrete sealer or surface treatments.* See DekTek Tile warranty.