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How to Install DekTek Tile’s Concrete Deck Tiles Over EPDM Rubber Membrane Roof Decks



DekTek Tile has a few installation options for roof decks. Click on the tabs to learn which method is best for your application.


Standard Framing Installation for Roof Decks

Alternative Framing Installation for Roof Decks

Roof deck framing when height restrictions are not an issue. Read more

Pedestal Pad Roof Deck Installation

Pedestal Pad Roof Deck Installation

Install DekTek's concrete deck tiles on roof decks using our pedestal pad installation option. Read more

Alternate Framing for Roof Decks

Sleeper Alternate Framing for Roof Decks

Alternative roof deck framing solution when deck height needs to remain as low as possible. Read more

Roof Deck Installation Photos

Roof Deck Installation Photos

Have a look at the concrete deck tiles being installed on an EPDM rubber membrane roof deck application. Read more