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DekTek Tile's Sleeper System Installation Method for Elevated Decks!

DekTek Tile's “Sleeper System Installation Method” for installing concrete deck tiles.

DekTek Tile has two installation options when installing the concrete deck tiles on an elevated deck. In this video we demonstrate how to properly install DekTek’s concrete tile decks using the Sleeper System Installation Method.


DekTek’s Sleeper System install method works best on these applications:

  • When the joists are NOT 16"o.c.
  • New construction decks
  • Deck renovations where there are not height restrictions. (The Sleeper System requires an additional 1-1/2” in height from the existing deck joists.)


Step by step instructions on how to install The Sleeper Installation Method for DekTek Tile’s concrete tile decks.

  1. Lay 2x4s flat & install them perpendicular (the opposite way) across the joists. Set these 2x4 sleepers 16"o.c. for the tiles to be set on. Be sure to take time to lay out the tile pattern so that you can minimize narrow cut tiles, giving it a professional quality look. Once you decide on the tile pattern then you can install the sleepers to accommodate the desired tile pattern.
  2. We also recommend you drill 1 or 2 holes approximately ½” in size through the 2x4 sleepers between the tile joints so the water can drain better. (We recommend these holes can be drilled as you set the tiles, so it's more precise for water drainage.)
  3. Some additional blocking may be needed on the sleeper installs for the edge trims and deck railing.
  4. After sleepers are installed and any additional blocking for deck posts, edge trims is complete then you can install the edge trim (wood or composite) around the perimeter of the deck, (you don’t need to install edge trim along the house edge unless you want it for the look, or it allows you to not have to make a narrow-cut tile?
  5. Now you can lay the tile according to your tile layout plan, apply a 3/8” bead of adhesive in a straight line along each side of the sleeper where the tile is going to be set and then set tile in place, adjust position as necessary? Once you have a full line of tile set then use a long level or straightedge to check the straightness of the tile line. There may be a few tiles that are slightly larger or smaller than the others and will need to be centered between the two surrounding rows of tile. If you have a tile or part of a tile that sets lower than the rest, then you might need to lift it back up and shim the low spot and then add more adhesive and reset it.


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For questions about installing DekTek Tile’s gorgeous concrete tile decking using the Sleeper System Method call 218-380-9330 or email us at You can also visit our website for more  information and pictures about the luxury tile decks. We look forward to transforming your decks and outdoor living spaces!

~The DekTek Tile Team