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Water Problem Solved for a Happy (Repeat?) Customer

The Vinyl Porch Rail Company—owned and operated by DekTek PRO Jason Nuckols—has been helping homeowners, business owners, and contractors enhance their property with beautiful, low-maintenance designs since 1996. “My main line of business is vinyl railing systems,” Jason said. “We fabricate made-to-fit systems for people. We also do screen porches, deck renovations, and more.”

DekTek Tile’s New Walk-Out Patio Application—Built By New Jersey Contractor & DekTek PRO Installer T-3 Construction LLC

The first time T-3 Construction LLC used DekTek Tile for a project, it turned out to be a perfect fit to solve a homeowner’s dilemma. The homeowner wanted a patio behind their home, but ground-laid pavers weren’t an option because of the home’s location in a flood zone. Jake Taylor, owner of T-3 Construction LLC in New Jersey, remembers the dilemma: “If the customer installed a regular patio, he would need to have a step down from his sliding doors, but he wanted to go right out with no step. This is how we got to use DekTek Tile—it was the perfect fit for the customer. We installed standard foundation posts and built the framing right on ground level, with all the proper drainage so the water clears out and doesn’t flood.”
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