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It's all about the DekTek Tile Testimonials

It's all about the DekTek Tile Testimonials...

DekTek Tiles are especially designed for elevated decks and roof decks—engineered to span 16” o.c. and adhere directly to wood joists. Each tile supports over 1,000 pounds without substrates or heavy-duty framing.

DekTek tiles are comparable in price to composite material, but, unlike composite material, DekTek tiles stay beautiful. They don't fade. They don't need to be painted or stained—just sealed every few years with a quick-apply sealant. They're naturally resistant to mold and algae and they're approved for extreme temperatures. DekTek tiles are made in the USA using a proprietary blend of limestone concrete—completely eco-friendly with none of the toxic chemicals frequently found in pressure-treated lumber.

Contractors and homeowners have a lot to say about DekTek tiles and the company behind them...

“DekTek Tiles are not only pretty, they're beautiful...The stone look is realistic, the longevity is maximum, and concrete is considered a great contribution toward sustainable green building standards and strategies. ​DekTek Tile got this material right, and they got it gorgeous!" —Thomas Decks LLC, Cincinnati Deck Builder

“...Installing DekTek tiles is like working with ceramic tile only easier and faster because they adhere directly to the deck joists. Each tile is hand finished in the factory, creating uniquely varied tiles that look remarkably like natural stone.” —Scott Elliot, Contractor and Owner of Elliot & Company, Inc.

"DekTek Tile is a very unique product, and gives an alternative to the same old stuff you see on everyone’s deck. It doesn't rot out, it doesn't expand and contract, it's not plastic and it looks great! It requires a little additional framing but the end results are stunning! I love the stuff!” —Terry Hammack, Owner of Anderson & Hammack Construction

“I can't remember a time when a vendor showed so much personal attention to my project and was genuinely vested in the result. DekTek Tile was a major investment in my property and has truly increased its value. This product is worth every penny!” —Rebecca Wall, Homeowner

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DekTek Tile’s mission is to inspire luxury outdoor living that elevates peoples’ lives. Each DekTek tile is hand-crafted with care in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota.