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DekTek Tile is the new, elegant, and innovative precast concrete decking material that is transforming the decking industry. DekTek Tiles are a beautiful alternative decking product especially designed for elevated decks and roof decks, but will also add class and elegance to all of your outdoor living areas.

DekTek Tile's high strength concrete pavers are engineered to span across 16" o.c. wood joists and can be used on most standard wood-framed raised decks, with only minor modifications. Unlike any other deck paver on the market, DekTek concrete tiles do not need any substrates or substantial reinforcement when building your deck.

DekTek’s custom poured 1” thick concrete deck tiles are designed to be the same thickness as standard decking products so they can be used in conjunction with wood or composite decking materials for accents, borders, or edge trims.

Here are more of the benefits DekTek Tile offers:

  • No worries about fading.  Unlike wood & composite decking, your tiles will keep their beautiful look. 
  • Designed to be more durable & weather resistant than standard decking materials.
  • Low maintenance, spend your time enjoying your deck without the hassles of mold, rotting wood, chipping & peeling and that constant upkeep of cleaning, scrubbing, staining, and sealing your deck.
  • Heavy duty framing is not necessary.  Most standard framing is sufficient with only minor modifications. 
  • Non-combustible decking material.
  • A vibrant, upscale alternative to standard decking materials.
  • Easy to install when building or remodeling your beautiful outdoor living space.
  • Makes beautiful accent decks.  With DekTek tiles the same thickness as standard wood & composite decking, new additions are simple.
  • Adds a classy upscale feel, bringing a warm indoor elegance to your outdoor living spaces:  decks, balconies, roof-decks, patios, kitchens, concrete slabs, three season porches, fire-pits, and ground pavers.

Call 218-380-9330 or visit for more information or to learn how to create your own outdoor elegance!